Friday, March 20, 2009

Bizzare Food-Cambodia with Yuli Maria

Edy and I were in Cambodia for a mission trip from our church, New Life Community Church to help our sister church there. But for us, it's not only a mission trip, but also food culinary tour.

I always want to try exotic food like worm, ants, rats, grasshopper etc. So far I have eaten monkey, turtle, ant eater, snake, horse, kangaroo, crocodile, deer, shark, frog, boar, etc. So when I'm in Cambodia, it's a good opportunity to try their famous exotic food. Surprisingly it's delicious and tasty. I hope you enjoy seeing it like I enjoy eating it. ^ ^

PS: I wrote this notes below on 23rd April 2006, and some of them already done! ^ ^

30 THINGS U HAVE 2 EAT B4 U DIE... \(-.....-)/ (ALREADY EATEN)
  1. Foie Gras

  2. Pork Filling Ravioli with truffle Sauce

  3. 'Melted-in-mouth' Thailand Dried-Durian

  4. Pesto + my secret marinated chicken chunk Spaghetti

  5. My 'Can't resist fusion' hand-rolled sushi and Edamame

  6. Chocolate Fondue

  7. Chocolate Pasta with Tomato Sauce

  8. My secret 14 ingredients of Salsa

  9. Squid-ink Pasta with Cream Sauce

  10. Oyster with lime/tabasco/thousand island, Japanese Abalone Soup + Matsutake Mushroom

  11. Bouillabaisse with Huge Lobster

  12. Italian-Japanese Tiramisu without Lady Finger Sponge,much of Kahlua=)

  13. My Mom's Sayur Asam, Fried Chicken and Sambal Terasi, Dark Soy Sc.Pork, Sauteed Mushroom with Chinese Leek, Petai Fried Rice, Char Siu,Sweet Pork Satay,Fried Pork Ball, Corn Fritter, Steamed Sticky Rice with Sambal and Dried Shrimp+Shreded Fresh Coconut, Petai+Shrimp Sambal Balado

  14. My Dad's Rendang, Cap Cay,Marinated Beef with Black Coconut

  15. My own Black Pepper Beef Tenderloin, Spicy Chilli Eggplant, Cheese+Bacon Bits Baked Potato, Mushroom Soup, Japanese Curry Pork/Beef, Opor Ayam, Shrimp-Paste Kangkoong, Pad Thai, Thom Yam Goong, Malaysian Char Kwe Teow, Shrimp-Paste Chilli, Pandan Chiffon Cake, 'Secret Veggie and Fruits juice'

  16. Paella

  17. Egyptian Rice

  18. Chinese Noodle/Japanese Ramen/Udon

  19. My fave : Persimmon Fruit and Sunkist Orange,Kiwi Fruit, Dragon Fruit, Strawberry, Granny-Smith Apple, Durian

  20. Truffle Mushroom,Enoki Mushroom,Fried Button Mushroom, Fungi Pizza with lots of cheese21. Century Egg Congee, Shark-fin Soup

  21. Char Siu Rice Roll

  22. Black Sticky Rice with Red Bean Dumpling

  23. Combro (fried mashed steamed cassava,with fermented soya bean and cayenne pepper filling)

  24. Roti Prata, Garlic Naan, Mushroom and Cheese Prata, Biryani Rice, Goa Fish Head Curry

  25. Bangka Sweet Cheese Martabak (Indonesian Thick Pancake)

  26. Wife Cake,Japanese Mochi, Daifuku ice cream (japanese mochi ice cream), Japanese cheese Cake, Japanese Breads

  27. Chicken Rice and Roasted-Crispy-Skin Peking Duck

  28. Fried Snake,Fried Worm,Tortoise Soup,Rabbit Satay,Fried Beef's Lung, Snails Satay,Stew of Monkey, Steamed Stingray Fish,Black Pepper Deer

  29. Escargot

  30. Fried Soya Bean Cake (Tempe), Soya Bean Drink, Green Tea, Green Tea Ice Cream, My Mud Pie, Oreo Ice Cream, Rhum Raisin Ice Cream, Chocolate Ice Cream

Still more to come....


  1. Squid-ink Ice Cream

  2. Fried Spider of Cambodia (DONE!)

  3. Fried Fat Cartepillar

  4. Beggar Chicken

  5. Kobe Beef/Wagyu Beef (DONE!)

  6. Fugu Fish Sashimi

  7. Monkey's Brain

  8. Crocodile Meat (DONE!)

  9. Bat Meat

  10. Manadonese Forest Rat

  11. ***** of Tiger

  12. Ostrich and ostrich's egg

  13. Shark Meat (DONE!)

  14. Bird-nest Soup (DONE!)

  15. Warm Sake with Shark-fin

  16. Burger with 180g Wagyu Beef in a sirloin cut, 30g foie,champagne truffle sauce (DONE!)

  17. Mexican Abalone

  18. Double-boiled Shark's Bone Soup with Three Treasures

  19. Sea Urchin (DONE!)

  20. Chrysanthemum Flower (DONE!)

  21. Bear's Claw

  22. Spanish Negro Fried Rice


  1. Hmmm, I don't think i've ever had anything as exotic as that! Your food styling techniques are beautiful!

  2. Hi Sarah! Sorry, been a long time never continue writing here ^ ^. Thank you for your complilment. Btw, don't you curious to eat something above? hahahaha..